Captain Obvious Hits a Titan for 187K!

This actually isn’t the alliance titan damage record for a single attack, or even Captain Obvious’ record… but he did get this very impressive attack on video that is a great demonstration on how to maximize titan damage with the right combination of heroes and items.


  • Stack colors, ideally 5 of the color strong against the titan. In this video the titan is purple, so Captain Obvious brings 5 yellow heroes.
  • Ideally bring a hero with a special ability that debuffs the titan the element it’s weak against. Captain Obvious brings Guardian Jackal, which places a defense debuffon the titan against yellow damage.
    • The bad news is most of these heroes can only be obtained during special events, the good news is that some of them are 4* heroes so are generally more attainable via summoning:
      • Purple: Guardian Panther
      • Yellow: Guardian Jackal
      • Blue: Frida, Arthur
      • Green: Evelyn
      • Red: Guardian Falcon
  • You also want one of the heroes that brings strong attack buffs: Wu Kong, Tarlak, or Miki.
  • The three key battle items you need are:
    • Alchemy Lab
      • Valkyrie’s Bane. After using this on the titan, 5 turns later the titan will have -55% damage debuff on the titan.
      • Scroll of Alteration. Turns 5 tiles on the board yellow (or whatever hero you indicate), which often causes tile matches without actually using a turn.
    • Forge
      • Tornado. Rearranges all the tiles and gives all your heroes 40% mana… but again, the real benefit of this item is that it can cause tile matches without actually using a turn.


If you have all the prerequisites, then the tactic is fairly simple. You want to get the titan in a position where your heroes are buffed, the titan’s has the Valkyrie’s Bane defense debuff and the elemental defense debuff… and then start using Scrolls of Alteration and Tornados to rip him a new one.

Got it? If not… watch the video and see how it’s done!