• Players of all experience levels welcome!
  • Members should be responsive to in-game chat, although we strongly recommend joining our LINE app group chat.

Member Titan Expectations

  • Members consistently uses at least 3 titan attacks per day.
  • Members will check the alliance featured message, so they know whether we’re committing to the titan kill or letting the titan escape to conserve flags for the next titan.

Member War Expectations

  • Members should opt-out of wars until they have enough hero depth to field teams for the six attacks (30 heroes).
  • Members opted into wars will set their war defense tank to a PURPLE hero.


  • Elders have joined and communicates in the LINE app group chat.
  • Elders have been in the Combat Reflexes alliance for at least 30 days.

Elder Titan Expectations

  • Elders frequently finish among the top 10 in titan damage (A or B grades).
  • Elders will volunteer to use a titan flask against a titan that’s a borderline kill.

Elder War Expectations

  • Elders will use all six attacks in all wars.
  • Elders will communicate in LINE chat and game chat whenever there is any discussion on coordinating war attacks.


  • Co-leaders have been in the Combat Reflexes alliance for at least 60 days.
  • Co-leaders will communicate frequently in LINE app group chat, and be a helpful and positive presence for the rest of the alliance.

Co-Leader Titan Expectations

  • Co-leaders will periodically review the health of the titan and remaining time for the kill throughout the day, and can determine whether the alliance should commit to the kill or let the titan escape.
  • Co-leaders will encourage the alliance to use a titan flask against titans that are a borderline kill, and “lead by example” by using one of their own flasks first.

Co-Leader War Expectations

  • Co-leaders will use their war attacks at the optimal times that benefit the alliance.
    • e.g. Timing all 6 attacks at the 12 hour mark to reset the war opponent defense.
    • e.g. Attacking strong defenses on the board so the weaker players in the alliance can attack the weaker defenses or mop up any partials.
  • Co-leaders will help organize and communicate any specific war tactics during the war.